5-Step Self Care for the Winter Blues

With winter approaching steadily around the corner, there’s no doubt that even the best of us are suffering from a slight case of the blues. Some days you just can’t help it! You feel tired, lethargic, uninspired and flat. In our productivity focused world, it seems to be taboo to actually look after ourselves – so it’s not unusual to end up feeling run down when we don’t give ourselves the love we both need and deserve. It’s then that you gotta allow yourself to take a mental health day. So, here is my prescription to you to take your best mental health day ever so you can get through those gloomy winter months.

1. Reset: I find that when I’m stuck in a rut, the quickest thing to do to reset my busy mind is to take a shower, clear my room, light some incense, make myself some coffee or green tea (with a squeeze of lemon juice) and listen to some music (try my April Mixtape) in my bath robes in bed. Cat to cuddle and good book also recommended.

2. Go for a walk: Often you’ll hear people parading the benefits of going for a run when you’re stuck in a rut. Based on personal experience, I find that intense exercise is better prevention than a cure for shitty moods (cause I know that when i’m feeling down, the last thing I want to do is get on my joggers and slog it out at the gym for an hour). Instead, if you’re feeling up to it, go for a mindful walk through nature, either with headphones or your dog for company.

3. Have a chat with your mum/phone your gran/speak with an older mentor: Speaking with someone older that you respect can be very therapeutic, as their advice is always gonna be different from what you’d get from your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. Usually after I’ve had a long day I wind up on the recliner with my dinner and a glass of sav blanc and chat with my mum about the day’s events to get a fresh perspective.

4. Project your focus outwards: Sometimes when you’re feeling stressed, down or anxious it can be easy to get caught up in your own mind. A good way to find relief from this is to focus on other people instead. When you’re having a conversation, be mindful of what the other person is saying and listen to understand and not to respond. Ask questions and try and get excited about whatever they’re talking about.

5. Treat your body to the nutrients it deserves: It can get difficult with our busy lives nowadays to fit healthy eating into such a gruelling schedule. It’s better if you can plan to eat well every day, but it’s better than nothing to prioritise your eating for the day with three (preferably vegan) nutritious meals that will leave you feeling nourished and energised. A daily meal plan might look something like this…


Breakfast: Banana, frozen mango, kale and soy milk smoothie

Lunch: Broccoli, kale and celery soup with toast soldiers

Dinner: Broccoli, kale and corn fritters with tomato sauce and salad

Desert: Coconut yoghurt (the Nudie ones are super delicious)


happyhealthy (1)

❥ Keep it real ❥




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