February Favourites


Narcos – For lovers of Breaking Bad, Narcos follows the rise and fall of Columbian kingpin Pablo Escobar in the Mendellian drug cartel. With an A+ cast and soundtrack, this makes for seriously addictive viewing.

Grand Theft Auto 5 – I may be a little late to the party on this one, only just buying myself an XBOX One – but my god, It may have been the best purchase of the year (slash, my life). GTAV is set on a map of a massive scale with a distinctly downtown Seattle cross Columbian vibe. Only problem is when I play for too long, and then need to go for a drive, I usually end up driving like a maniac.

Summer Heights High – An oldie but a goodie, I’ve only recently delved back into this classic Aussie show since taking the leap of faith to get a Netflix subscription.

Wayne’s World – The acting is so bad that it is good, the plot is so weird that it works, and the same ripped jeans and band tees throughout the entire movie- yes. And Cassandra? SHE’S A BABE.

Blue Planet Ep. 2 “The Deep” – Not only is this hilariously voiced by David Attenborough, but it will also probably make you unable to step foot in the ocean again. The shit that delves in the bottom of the ocean (including a fish with 30 m long tentacles to trap its prey) is scary, man.


I’ve been really getting back into reading lately as a salute to my aged 9 self who would stay up way past bed time just to read, that somehow managed to get lost during a period of high school angst. I feel like reading is somehow meditative in a way – I mean, there’s many comparisons. You’re focusing your brain on one thing at a time, completely delving into a single line of thought that takes you out of yourself.

Main Street Vegan – I particularly enjoyed this book as a transitioned vegetarian/vegan as it’s not preachy. I’ve been hesitant to transition to veganism as it feels like there’s a lot of preachy vegans out there who judge you if your version of ‘veganism’ doesn’t fit there’s. This book is refreshingly relaxed, and promotes veganism as an ideology that has to work around  you – Moran insists that, instead of rushing into it as a fad ‘diet’, a much more measured and transitional approach in gradually moving towards the ideal lifestyle is much more likely to stick. And 4 weeks in and nearly completely vegan, I couldn’t agree more.

My Booky Wook by Russell Brand – My god this book is hilarious. The first book since I can’t even remember that had me laughing out loud the whole way through. Although he can be a right wanker, I really do admire Brand’s lack of fucks to give, and I believe that there can be some lessons in that respect for all of us…. which brings me onto…

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck – Basically how to reserve your fucks for the shit in life that actually fucking counts (A.K.A. not what your in-laws think of you, or attending another party with your old school friends you secretly hate). If you can get past the 20 + mentions of the word ‘fuck’ per page, this parody self-help book can actually inspire some real self growth, I know it has for me.


Kale, banana, mango & coconut water smoothies – Goddamn delicious

Vegan burritos – First, fry up some onions and garlic until soft then add the 4 C’s – cumin, cinnamon, chilli powder and coriander powder. Next, add a can of diced tomatoes and a can of mixed beans (I just use the 4 bean mix they sell at Coles). Let that simmer whilst preparing some mashed avocado and salsa (store bought or home made), some lettuce and diced tomatoes. If you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to fry up some mushrooms and season to your liking. Then wrap everything up in some preheated tortillas and BOOM! You gotcha self some cruelty free wraps of love.

Mixed veggie chips – Really liking the parsnip, sweet potato and beetroot variety right now.

Vegan burgers – the first time I made myself this I was so proud, that I had made vegan food that tasted totally non-vegan and unhealthy. Get your hands on some vegan mayo and stack up a vegie pattie, lettuce, tomato and chilli relish, avocado and mayo in a hamburger bun and voila! Feel free to add cooked onion/beetroot if that’s yo thang.


War – Seriously loving these guys right now after Evan showed them to me. Most of you would recognise Low Rider but if you get beyond their most popular song they got a damn impressive back catalogue.


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